AMD – VDI Server from Lenovo

That’s just a typical Lenovo offer of server ThinkSystem SR635 V3 – new generation server from Lenovo.

A modern server for intensive IT and virtualization

The ThinkSystem SR635 V3 is powered by AMD delivering the performance that propels business and strengthens infrastructure applications.

Agility, space, and speed 

The ThinkSystem SR635 V3 is designed with storage-rich versatility. You can use various combinations utilizing AnyBay technology. You can configure it for today’s workloads and easily scaled up or down as needed.

Ultimate delivery in performance

The versatile ThinkSystem SR635 V3 provides better performance to offset rising costs with the 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ processor offering optimum processing power. It also features bandwidth and storage speed for business applications, virtualization, and the cloud.

Secure and easy to manage

When server reliability, management and security are top of mind, the ThinkSystem SR635 V3 checks all the boxes. ITIC named Lenovo servers #1 for reliability and uptime. Security with Lenovo ThinkShield also begins at the factory with our Root of Trust and follows the server throughout its life.

Chasis : Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 V3

CPU: AMD EPYC 9124 16C 32Thread

RAM: 256GB

STORAGE: ThinkSystem RAID 940-8i 4GB + RAID 10 3.84 TB


Price: 8000 EURO + Vat

The Server can be sold with different specification, fell free to contact me if you want custom configuration.

This is limited time offer.

Full ThinkSystem SR635 V3 Specification:

7D9GCTO1WW		Server : ThinkSystem SR635 V3 - 3yr Warranty		1
BLK4		ThinkSystem V3 1U 10x2.5" Chassis		1
BFYB		Operating mode selection for: "Maximum Performance Mode"		1
BVGL		Data Center Environment 30 Degree Celsius / 86 Degree Fahrenheit		1
BREE		ThinkSystem AMD EPYC 9124 16C 200W 3.0GHz Processor		1
BQ26		ThinkSystem SR645 V3/SR635 V3 1U High Performance Heatsink		1
BQ3D		ThinkSystem 64GB TruDDR5 4800MHz (2Rx4) 10x4 RDIMM-A		4
5977		Select Storage devices - no configured RAID required		1
BGM1		ThinkSystem RAID 940-8i 4GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter for U.3		1
BNF2		ThinkSystem 2.5" U.3 7450 PRO 1.92TB Read Intensive NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 HS SSD		4
BB3T		ThinkSystem 1U 10x2.5" AnyBay Backplane		1
B5ST		ThinkSystem Broadcom 57416 10GBASE-T 2-port OCP Ethernet Adapter		1
BLKF		ThinkSystem V3 1U x16/x16 BF PCIe Gen4 Riser1		1
BLK9		ThinkSystem V3 1U MS LP+LP BF Riser Cage		1
BR1X		ThinkSystem 750W 230V Titanium Hot-Swap Gen2 Power Supply v3		2
6400		2.8m, 13A/100-250V, C13 to C14 Jumper Cord		2
BH9M		ThinkSystem V3 1U Performance Fan Option Kit v2		6
BLKD		ThinkSystem 1U V3 10x2.5" Media Bay w/ Ext. Diagnostics Port		1
B8LA		ThinkSystem Toolless Slide Rail Kit v2		1
BPKR		TPM 2.0		1
B7XZ		Disable IPMI-over-LAN		1
BQ7L		ThinkSystem SR635 V3 MB		1
BHSS		MI for PXE with RJ45 Network port		1
BE38		940 Series Flash Adapter for U.3 Trimode Setting		1
AVEN		ThinkSystem 1x1 2.5" HDD Filler		4
B97B		XCC Label		1
BQPS		ThinkSystem logo Label		1
B8NJ		ThinkSystem 1U MS Fan Dummy		2
AURS		Lenovo ThinkSystem Memory Dummy		8
AUTQ		ThinkSystem small Lenovo Label for 24x2.5"/12x3.5"/10x2.5"		1
BQ7Q		ThinkSystem SR635 V3 Model Name Label		1
AWF9		ThinkSystem Response time Service Label LI		1
BQ7V		ThinkSystem SR635 V3 Service Label for WW		1
B989		ThinkSystem V2 1U Package		1
B5X6		ThinkSystem 1U 2x2.5" Fixed Filler		1
BQ7R		ThinkSystem SR635 V3 Agency Label		1
B8JU		ThinkSystem 750W Ti Power Rating Label WW		1
B8NB		ThinkSystem 1U MS LP Riser Filler		1
B984		ThinkSystem 1U PLV Top Cover Sponge		1
AUNP		ThinkSystem RAID 930/940 SuperCap		1
BSR6		ThinkSystem SR635 V3/SR655 V3 RoT Module LV-RoW		1
AUWG		Lenovo ThinkSystem 1U VGA Filler		1
BRPJ		XCC Platinum		1
BK15		High voltage (200V+)		1
BHXS		ThinkSystem 1U 8x2.5" SAS/SATA/U.3 HDD Label		1
BPK3		ThinkSystem WW Lenovo LPK		1
BMJC		ThinkSystem 8x2.5" BP and 6+4 x2.5" BP Power Cable v2		1
BA2P		ThinkSystem 1U SFF RAID to Front 10x2.5" AnyBay Backplane SAS/SATA G4 Y Cable		1
BC0M		ThinkSystem Supercap Cable		1
BE0E		N+N Redundancy With Over-Subscription		1
BK70		ThinkSystem V3 1U Supercap Holder Kit		1
A2HP		Configuration ID 01		1
5374CM1		Configuration Instruction		1
BGM4		ThinkSystem RAID 940-8i 4GB Flash PCIe Gen4 12Gb Adapter for U.3 Placement		1
A2JX		Controller 01		1
A2HP		Configuration ID 01		1
5WS7B08675		Foundation Service - 5Yr NBD Resp SR635 V3		1
7S0XCTO5WW		XClarity Controller		1
SBCV		Lenovo XClarity XCC2 Platinum Upgrade (FOD)		1

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